Inspirations from Cultural Conversations

What a great season of inspiration! With Cultural Conversations and all the interesting topics explored both in the series, and in our other programming this season!

  • COLOR – from Kimberly Perron from Resort at Home. Use color to inspire your selection of art! It also sets a mood for a room… hmmm
  • Art accentuates architecture, or can add interest where there isn’t any. Makes a space or focal point to a space.
  • Balance. An ongoing lesson for me but I love any pointers for achieving balance, whether its in my artwork placement or any other part of my life.
  • Prepare. If you goal is to buy art, be prepared! Bring a plan, measurements, paint colors, fabric swatches…
  • Original vs. Reproductions. Know the difference and how they are valued!
  • So not a big surprise, but… interesting people have interesting jewelry collections! Thanks, Tracy Sherman, Heritage Auctions.
  • And Wallis Simpson keeps coming up! She visited the Seminole Inn but we learned about her jewelry and just this weekend, she appeared as a character in the book I was reading, “Lilac Girls,” by Martha Hall Kelly. Side note, Ms. Kelly was at Bookmania this year and is an event that is always a source of inspiration to me.
  • Abstract Expressionism! Again, a book recommendation “The Muralist” by B. A. Shapiro. The main character is a painter and is working for the WPA alongside, Lee Krasner and other painters of the Abstract Expressionism movement. So I was very ready to hear more details from Lacy Davission from ArtView NYC about the movement and four of the primary artists in the group: Lee Kasner, Elaine deKooning, Joan Mitchell, and Helen Frankethaler. Lacy never disappoints! So much great information in a very short time frame and so easy to digest! So grateful to the Jupiter Island Arts Council for co-presenting this talk with us!

AND a tremendous thank you to our friends at Wilmington Trust Company for their generosity, support and sponsorship!

Watch for more musings when we close the Coffee with the Conductor series on April 7th. — NKT

Sponsored in part by the Florida  Department of Cultural Affairs, the Florida Council on Arts & Culture, the National Endowment of the Arts, Martin County Board of County Commissioners, City of Stuart, and many, private contributions! 



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