Nestor Torres Returns to ArtsFest

We are so very, very excited to have Nestor Torres return to ArtsFest after his debut at ArtsFest 1993. It is one of the most exciting parts of the event we have planned to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of ArtsFest! This time around, Nestor will perform at ArtsFest on Sunday afternoon (2 pm) with an opening act, The Pine School Jazz Band, starting at 1 pm. But in many ways the most important part of his visit to Stuart will happen on Monday, when he meets with high school music teachers from across Martin County. The Arts Council in partnership with The Lyric Theatre are coordinating a 3-day master class with 25 of the best high school musicians, and a few vocalists, that will happen at the end of March. Then, Nestor and his band play at The Lyric on March 31, 7 pm, and will have guest student musicians grace the stage, as well. We really couldn’t be more excited for this important educational event, which speaks directly to our passion for enhancing arts education opportunities for our community’s young people.

So… want to support this effort? You can make a donation and purchase tickets, to ArtsFest and to the Lyric performance! Links below make it easy…

ArtsFest Tickets:  includes the VIP Experience Ticket ($50 for one day, or $75 for two), the 30th Anniversary Ticket ($30, includes a $15 raffle entry for special 30th Anniversary baskets), and General Admission ($5/day).


Lyric Theatre Tickets: March 31, 7 pm in downtown Stuart.

Get in the mood… listen to this mix of Nestor’s music from You Tube:


What else is happening at ArtsFest? Literary Arts, Visual Arts, Performing Arts & Culinary Arts! Something for everyone, plus hands on kids activities (many are free), tastings, and more! artsfest-2017-rack-card-4x9-back-2

Check out our website for details, below is the Main Stage Entertainment Schedule:


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