Inspired By Peter D. Cummings

So who knew that one of organization’s founding members would end up as a Sirius FM talk show host? Peter Cummings in fact did just that and hosted about 40 sessions with names you’d know, and others that may be a bit more obscure. The subject of these interviews was about the place where classical music and popular music intersect.

Throughout this lively 55 minute (or so…) video, you’ll hear Peter talk about his passion for the arts, and now specifically for classical music. Peter puts his time where his heart is, as a board member and trustee for both the Detroit Symphony and the New York Philharmonic.

And to think he once upon a time, developed Martin Downs to become what it is now. His vision to ensure that future residents would have access to the arts was the single idea that lead to his urging his fellow community leaders, in the late 1980’s to have the Arts Council (then Martin County Council for the Arts) exist and be supported by public and private entities. We are SO GLAD his vision has lead to the current state of the arts!  Let’s have a hearty thank you for his role in getting things rolling!

Is your curiosity peaked? You can listen to the shows via this link, and use the password: Peter.


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