Discover Stuart, Part 1

So much happens in the heART (see that – ART is in your heart!) of stuART (in here too) which is in mARTin (and one more time), that we are doing a two part post. One early and one later. This one focuses on all the things in and around “historic downtown Stuart” which encompasses the visual, performing and the literary arts! So much to be enjoyed either as a part of the audience or by taking a class, get your hands dirty at one of our newest spaces, Ground Floor Farm. This is week 4 of Martin Arts Month which is extra long to close out the month!



Watch Facebook for regular updates and other cool things to check out…  of course this is day 2 of ArtsFest, a hometown celebration of the Arts since 1988! So come on out and see us in Memorial Park, today (10 am – 5 pm)! Be a part of the arts!

Watch for Part 2 of Discover Stuart, later this week – focus will be on the historic Downtown District of StuART.

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